Scalable and Maintainable Physics Data Acquisition

From small single channel experiments to gargantuan thousand channel projects our system offers world-class support.

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Dolosse combines data science industry standards with cutting-edge physics hardware to provide an extensible, scalable and redundant data framework.

Our Three Divisions


Kafka provides Dolosse’s core infrastructure. Using a multi-producer/consumer model, we distribute the workload to maximize throughput.


We combine Spark and Python to provide world-class tools for your data analysis. We store data in parquet format to maximize flexibility.


Kibana allows users to monitor experimental health with alerts and dashboards. Plotly allows users to analyze data inside a webapp.

Code available at Github!

Dolosse Members

S. V. Paulauskas

S. V. Paulauskas


iThemba LABS

iThemba LABS

Software Lead

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